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What to do at the Old Port this winter – Grande Roue de Montréal

The Old Port is a choice destination for those looking to enjoy Montreal’s wintertime festivities.

What to do at the Old Port this winter

This year, winter has arrived at our doorstep in Quebec sooner than anticipated. And while the frigid weather brings its fair share of inconveniences, it also marks the beginning of our holiday celebrations.

Whether you’re looking for something to do with your children or a way to impress a date, the Old Port is an ideal place to take advantage of the joys of the cold season.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Old Port of Montreal has to offer you this winter.

As a family

The first heavy snowfall undeniably adds to the festive atmosphere that takes hold of Old Montreal each year.

If you feel like giving those who share your life a special treat, we invite you to consider the following family recreational activities and events:

As a couple

The Old Port isn’t only an ideal place to take part in family activities, but also an excellent place to take that special someone when you want to make an impression.

Here are a few of our suggestions for romantic places and pastimes to visit and indulge in at the Old Port this winter.

Among friends

There’s no shortage of opportunities for celebration at the Old Port of Montreal. For a successful outing filled with holiday spirit, we recommend checking out the following events, scheduled to take place shortly:

For history buffs

The Old Port and Old Montreal aren’t only known for the festivities that take place there, but also for their rich historical background.

If your interests veer more toward culture and learning, this corner of the metropolis is fully capable of accommodating you.

Among the more cerebral offerings to explore this winter in Old Montreal, you’ll find:

The Old Port in winter: festive activities to suit every taste

Whether you’re a visitor to Montreal or an adoptive Montrealer, the Old Port is filled with life as Christmas approaches.

And if the winter months make you want to stay indoors, Old Montreal gives you plenty of reasons to get out of the house.

Need some ideas to help you figure out where to start exploring? La Grande Roue de Montréal offers you a panoramic view of up to 28 kilometers.